What is the function of the website

With you can create and organize your own fashion world. Similar to the “Mobile Mirror“ app, you can use features like “my wardrobe“, “my suitcase“ and “my wish list” to manage your clothing styles.

Find out with the following menu items how to use the functions in the best way.

Features – Overview

Get an overview of the great features you have at! Just to note: The website interacts with the Mobile Mirror-App! Everything you change, or update in one also changes in the other.

My pictures

Here you can find your gallery of the shots you have taken in front of a Mobile Mirror or updated pictures from your smartphone. If you select a picture, you can get more information about the shot. For example: when or where the picture was taken. If you want to have the option to add more details, you can put them into your “wardrobe“ or your “wish list“.

Please be aware of the following important information related to your uploads: Upload only single files, max. size of a photo 8 MB, video 20 MB, format: JPG, PNG, flv, mp4, 3gp, wmv, mpg, mpeg, mov, avi, qt, ogg.

My wardrobe

Here you can fit out your wardrobe! Take photos of your favorite clothing, upload them on the website and categorize them. There you can add color, brand, price and notes as you like and allocate it to one of your categories. To keep an overview, tags are available to help you organize your wardrobe in a more effective way, such as: spring, summer, autumn or winter, casual, business, sports.

Now you have the access to all these clothes, you can check if they really fit to that new collection during your next shopping trip. Perhaps you still need to look for a new scarf, belt or bag?

It is also possible to move your things from your wardrobe into your “suitcase“.

My suitcases

It has never been easier to fill your suitcase! You can start packing although you have not left yet for your holiday! Create suitcases that you will use in future. e.g. „Beach Summer Ibiza“, where you can add your swimming trunks, bikini or flip-flops to your clothing list which are suitable for that visit to a beach bar during your holiday. Of course, the clothes you chose have to be in your wardrobe already.

In this way, you can pack the suitcase for your next weekend away, or just pack all your favorite clothes into one suitcase. At all times you are the one who decides about your outfit, your imagination knows no bounds.

My wish list

You have found a cool shirt, but you can’t afford it at the moment? Or you know your friends are looking for ideas for your next birthday, or your parents don’t know what to give you for Christmas?

You can now help them, by putting things you would like in to your very own wish list. All items from this list can be shared, the list entries will also show where you found them. All the items can be organized in an efficient way like your wardrobe, and put into categories with such as color, brand or price. As soon as the item is bought, you can move it from your wish list into your wardrobe.


It is very useful to add some tags to your photos and videos. On the one hand you can choose where to look for the things, e.g. My pictures, wardrobe, suitcases. On the other hand it is easier and faster to look within “My wardrobe” for “trousers, red”. Use this only as advice, which will help you organize your clothes.


You will find answers to a number of questions about using the features of Look at this to maximize the use of your personal fashion world!


Why do I need or the application?

Both give you the smart and comfortable possibility to administer your own fashion world, to reorganize it AND to have it always in your pocket when you need it. Read here for more about it.

Do I have to sign up for sharing or sending my recording?

No, you can use it without signing up. But as soon as you get an account on you will receive plenty of useful features, e.g. administer your pictures, create your wardrobe or pack your suitcase. Read here for more about it.

How can I show the taken pictures to my friends?

It’s easy: just the way you like. Having scanned the QR-code from the screen, you can use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or your usual mail account to share. All you need is your smartphone with your personal account. Please keep in mind that it depends on who you are sharing your content with within your social media!

How can I display photos taken in a shop on my smartphone?

As soon as you have chosen your favorite photos, you can add them by clicking one of the social media icons. This is how you get a QR-code so that you can scan it with your smartphone and send it to the appropriate application. Immediately when you go to, your photo will be displayed. Now you can decide what to do next. Read here, for more details.

Is it possible to show the photos to my parents who don’t have a smartphone?

Of course. Having taken a photo you can send it by email to your parents or friends. It works the same way as using the application, or your online account on

I have such a nice dress in my wardrobe and I would like to put it into my summer suitcase of the application - is this possible?

This is exactly the reason for our suitcase and wardrobe feature. Choosing “My pictures” you can “add recordings” choosing a picture from your smartphone or PC and upload it. Now you can use all the editing features. Read here more, details about how to upload a file.

How can I find the nearest Mobile Mirror?

Via and the application, you see a list of all Mobile Mirror locations including your nearest one.

Are all Mobile Mirrors equipped with the same features?

To keep it short: Yes! It is possible to take pictures as well as record videos and to share the content. The amazing delayed image display will assist you always during the fitting.

My friend told me to get the „Mobile Mirror App“. Is it possible with my type of smartphone?

You can get the application on Android as well as iOS platforms for free, either from the Google Play Store, or at Apple App Store, and can be downloaded easily. For other operating system smartphones, you can use your account on with all the features of the application on your PC.

All of my friends should see my new outfit. I would like to post it on my Facebook site. Is it possible?

Yes, of course! Just take a photo or record a video with the Mobile Mirror, click the social media button, scan the QR-code and you can start sharing. First you can have a look on your recording on the mobile website. Now you can share the picture clicking the Facebook button to share it.

What happens to my data?

Nothing. The idea of our Mobile Mirror is to use as less information as possible. All things that take place, happen via your login to Facebook, Twitter, email etc. on your smartphone. The recordings taken will be deleted within 24 hours automatically from our server. Read here for more information about our data protection.

Do you charge for using your website or application?

No, the use of our application and our website is free of charge and it will be free of charge. It is possible that you will be charged for the data transfer but this depends on your mobile phone provider. We recommend a data flat; the best is to get information from your mobile phone supplier.

What happens to my photos and videos at the Mobile Mirror in the shop?

The terminal returns to the start page after a short while when it hasn’t been used. From this on no one else can access your recordings. Even when you choose a new feature, all the recordings are not available anymore to anyone. You can save them only by transferring them to the website via QR-code and use them again.

I am not of adult age at the moment - can I use the website and the application?

Of course, you don‘t need any contract to use our software, and you will not be charged. However, if you are still under adult age it is always best to communicate to your parents which photos you would like to post online. You can get further information from the Internet, e.g. here.

Is it possible to have several accounts on one smartphone or PC?

We do not recommend this for your smartphone. For your PC it is possible. You just have to logoff and login again for another account.

The last time in a store, I had no connection to my mobile phone network. Has my photo been deleted now?

No, don’t worry! It depends on the application you use for the scanning of your QR-codes, and whether your photo has been saved as one of the last scans. You can easily find them online as soon as you are reconnected to your mobile phone network. Please keep in my mind that you have to do this within 24 hours after scanning, after that we delete all photos from our servers.

Advertisement appeared immediately after the scan of the QR-code. Can I switch this off?

Unfortunately we have no influence on that. It depends on the application you use for the scan. Some of them switch to advertisements as soon as you open an internet link via a QR-code. You will have to find out via your application if it is possible to switch it off or not.

I went for shopping with some of my friends and we took pictures with my smartphone. Now I have their photos on my phone. Am I authorized to send or post them?

No, there is the right of disposing of pictures showing you. This right says, that it is not allowed to send or transmit pictures of a person who has not approved this. You have to ask your friends before you send or post pictures of them.